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More than 30 years the Floeth’s innovative design & high quality manufacturing

Specialist for:

Medical EN/UL 60601-1 & 60601-2

Control Equipment EN/UL 61010

ATEX application EN/UL 60079

HIGH VOLTAGE applications

EN/UL 50124 Insulation coordinates

EN/UL 50178 POWER equipment

EN/UL 61800-5 Driver

Our Products

AC DC Inverter

AC DC Inverter

IGBT Auxiliary DC DC Converter

IGBT Driver


  Floeth Electronic was founded 1987 by Dieter Floeth in Germany.

1994 was a production unit established in Taoyuan Taiwan.


The Production line: Medical DC DC Converter / High insulation DC DC Converter / IGBT Auxiliary insulation DC DC Converter / Burst surge Filter.

 **For industrial – medical – automotive – airborne equipment – special targets: very low temperature -40℃ to -55℃ & up  to +105℃ ambient temperature working units.

 ** High insulation for  Medical and high voltage operating equipments in accordance with EN / UL /CSA safety regulations.



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