Burst & Surge
EMI /EMC Hybrid Filters

for AC applications to block off 4000 V interference

for DC applications to block off 1000 V interference

to meet the Requirement of EN50082-1 & 50082-2

Table of Contents (Burst Surge Filter)

AC-applicationLine ACIcontIpk max.VbuestVsurge
AC-BS2-150V-2A150 V1.8 A2.5 A10-150 V< 850 V
AC-BS2-280V-1A280 V0.8 A2.5 A7-80V<1200 V
AC-BS2-280V-2A280V1.8 A5.0 A10-150 V<1200V
AC-BS2-280V-4A/P280V4.0A6.0 A10-150 V<1200V
DC-applicationVDC maxVsurge clamped10-50ns max
DC-BS2-6V-2A6 V< 18 V peak
DC-BS2-14V-2A14 V< 37 V peak
DC-BS2-19V-2A19 V< 40 V peakprotection Class
DC-BS2-28V-2A28V< 50 V peakfully isolated
DC-BS2-36V-2A36 V< 75 V peakfully isolated
DC-BS2-55V-2A55 V< 100 V peak
DC-BS2-80V-2A80 V< 120 V peak
DC-BS4-6V-4A6 V< 18 V peak
DC-BS4-14V-4A14 V< 37 V peak
DC-BS4-19V-4A19 V< 40 V peak
DC-BS4-28V-4A28 V< 50 V peak
DC-BS4-36V-4A36V< 75 V peak
DC-BS4-55V-4A55 V< 100 V peak
DC-BS4-80V-4A80 V< 120 V peak

DC & AC application for industrial communication

Series No.VDC max.Vsurge clamped /
10-50ns max
COM-BS2-6V-2A6 V< 18 V peak
COM-BS2-14V-2A14 V< 37 V peak
COM-BS2-19V-2A19 V< 40 V peak
COM-BS2-28V-2A28 V< 50 V peak
COM-BS2-36V-2A36 V< 75 V peak
COM-BS2-55V-2A55 V< 100 V peak
COM-BS2-80V-2A80 V< 120V peak

High Attentuation Burst / EMI filter (PCB level application)

Series No.max. oper.(V)max. current
min. EMI att. (db)
BEF80-1.3A80 V1.3 A cont.asym. 87: sym. 103
BEF80-2.0A80 V2.0 A contasym. 97: sym. 99

High attentuation Surge Filter for DC circuit (PCB level application)

Series No.max. oper.(V)max V clipped surge / max.50ns
Surge FI-6V6 V< 18 V peak
Surge FI-14V14 V< 37 V peak
Surge FI-19V19 V< 40 V peak
Surge FI-28V28 V< 50 V peak
Surge FI-36V36 V< 75 V peak
Surge FI-55V55 V< 100 V peak
Surge FI-80V80 V< 120 V peak

EMI Filters according to EN55011/022 Class B are available for all of our Converters